Sunday, May 22, 2011

Travelling Through Spring

Saw this fun metal sculpture at my favorite breakfast place last weekend

Spotted these goats on the way to garden place. 

Then they began to multiply before my eyes

Snoopy goats!  Just had to check out their new visitor.

Made a lovely arrangement from my lily of the valley and other flowers.  Loved this play on light through the colored vases

This is a bell flower and is a great shade plant.  My favorite perennial!
 This week I just finally started to buy my plants to add more color to my garden and front porch.  Finally, the weather is warming up to really make me believe that YES I can plant  my flowers and they will not be left to wonder what will happen weather wise.   I also would like to share a very creative use of used or throw away metal things I guess I would put it.  We happen to come across some curious little goats on the way to the garden place so here it is just as we experienced it.  Have fun with it......By the way I changed up my blog appearance and I do hope it will be much easier to navigate and do hope it is easier on the eyes.  Still learning the ropes here and hope to improve as I go along.

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