Monday, February 28, 2011

Feathers A flutter

A backyard photo featuring none other than snow ,which seems to be making an appearance on a  daily basis here.  I desperately tried to capture more than one bird at a time for this afternoon photo opt.  They moved so quickly it was a futile endeavor.  A few feathered friends are always a welcome sight.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Very First Knitted Sweater.

Lovely sweater,seems easy....

I choose this yarn from Cascade and really love it!

Additional color and detail added with a yarn called musique has arrived

Book by Suzan Mischer, lots of other wonderful projects, as well. Still available on Amazon.
So, my very first knitted sweater.  The year has made me braver in my knitting adventures and has led to this, who would have thought.  A real knitted sweater to be completed shortly, if all goes as planned. A work of perfection it is not,but onward and upward I shall travel.  Any mistakes will become very interesting "planned" embroidery, let us say.  Design is always at it"s finest when unintended.  Why is it when we plan the details they simply go unnoticed?  Just when you think it will not work ,you come up with some ingenius idea and lo and behold a masterpiece arises.  Life is funny that way,but if it works...........

Twilight"s Palette

I just loved this shot I captured one evening of an absolutely beautiful sky.  The sun was slowly going down and leaving a spectacular color combination that cannot be repeated twice. Just needed to share it with the rest of the world.  Hope you love it too.  Winter is not so bad when you can behold a twilight such as this. Of course ,that does not mean spring should take it"s sweet time coming. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Still My Heart

Today is a day for those we love and I think it also brings out a love of hearts, and a profusion of pinks, reds etc...So in tribute to the day of HEARTS I give you some lovely images to make the day a bit more colorful.  Hope you enjoy the photos as they were taken from the collection of things I love in my home.  Let me know which one is your favorite. 
Linen Pillow ( a project  yet to finish alas...)

A bit of Paris amongst "les rouge fleurs"
Battenburg Beauty

I simply love toile fabrics

Vintage brooch and collar dresses up this lamp

Mon petite mannequin

A heart that reminds me of my days by the ocean

Silk ribbon wonder

Just a hint  of pink

Everyone should have one pair of fun red shoes these are mine

Red ,red and more red
Happy Hearts   Day to all !                                                                                  

Spring So very Close

Today is a wonderful sunny day.  I can really feel that spring is working it"s way to us very soon.  I have decided to turn off the heat and open the windows for a blast of fresh air.  AHHHH.. it is feeling good the sun warm and a breeze blowing lacey curtains.  So this is the kind of day that is so motivating and can get me moving in the right direction.  Today I made some  so good treats, a savory portabello pate,walnut fudge, and an interesting pizza which consists of a slather of white fig jam,sweet grilled onions in balsamic and a bit of gorgonzola to add some salty tang.  Going to a Valentines Tea and will present all of these lovely dishes to the guests.  Wish you could join me as it will be a fun day. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

And then there were more...

Okay, so  I thought you might like to preview some of the other projects I planning on tackling in the very near future.  This quilt was one I have been trying to finish for so long as I am so very close to completion.  Now, to find the binding.  I know I did buy some ,but  to find it.....This is when I think perhaps we can go with yet another idea or color new design ideas.  Hmmmmm......the embroideries were done all in one color and the quilting is all free-motion which I love.  Kind of like sewing with thread only the erasing is a bit harder to do once you done it.  I plan to do a scallop binding and I think my scallop ruler will make it soooo much easier.  Don"t you?   I look forward to a finished quilt soon. 

One done and who knows how many to go......One to infinity.....

Well I  have  finished one project and I am pretty happy with the results.  I designed it myself as I knit so it came out better than first anticipated.   I used a great  wool they really defined the stitches and added a little color as well.  Hope you like it. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day one and counting.......

Well today is the day I connect my creative world to the rest of the universe.  Oh how I cannot wait to share my ideas and have some fun too.  I have decided that this year the project pile will become smaller with the passing of each day, week and month.  Can it be done????? I have faith that  YES in fact it can be done and the day has come to delve into those long forgotten quilt tops,cloth dolls,beautifully colored skeins of yarn awaiting  a project and so much paint yet to cover a wall and beads that were so fascinating they needed to jump in a bag and go home with me.  So here it goes the year of projects new and old, large and small,wonderful,colorful and those  yet to be discovered.  Okay so here is my first circular knitting project and alot of mistakes along the way,soooo they become new design techniques. The final results are always interesting and actually sometimes better than my original concept. Pictures to follow with the completed project so I can keep warm for the rest of this cold winter weather.    See you soon with more projects and maybe some new ideas and projects you might want to try too.