Monday, February 7, 2011

And then there were more...

Okay, so  I thought you might like to preview some of the other projects I planning on tackling in the very near future.  This quilt was one I have been trying to finish for so long as I am so very close to completion.  Now, to find the binding.  I know I did buy some ,but  to find it.....This is when I think perhaps we can go with yet another idea or color new design ideas.  Hmmmmm......the embroideries were done all in one color and the quilting is all free-motion which I love.  Kind of like sewing with thread only the erasing is a bit harder to do once you done it.  I plan to do a scallop binding and I think my scallop ruler will make it soooo much easier.  Don"t you?   I look forward to a finished quilt soon. 

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