Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bicycles and Beyonder....

My little red  riding companion ready to go for the day

Arriving at our destination bench paraphernalia in tow

The beginning of a new project yet again!

A brilliant green and red against a beautiful vintage backdrop

A local gallery leaves chalk to bring out the Picasso in all of us:)

Today was a great day! Started that way and ended the same.  Can a girl ask for anything more?  Maybe not so I think I will just go with it so I can tuck it away in my memories for another day.  First of all the weather was perfect and the sun was shining upon us.  The sun has been a rare visitor here so far this summer.  I started with a breezy ride on my bike heading downtown.  Exercise is always good prior to a happy breakfast of eggs and cheesy hashbrowns and sausage oh yeah and some oj.  Hey, it"s Sunday and the best day for a breakfast out.  So, I say to myself why not? No guilt here.  Remember I rode my lovely bicycle sooooooooo I did work up an appetite.  Once myself and my breakfast companion were full we decided to relax.  What better way than to take our knitting and head for a park bench and shoot the breeze and actually get a few projects done.   Hey was there and ready to relax.  Got in a few sites and pics while I was there and thought I might share a bit here.  I also had an outing with another friend for later in the day at the nearby cemetery very interesting indeed.  More on that later....I am apologizing ahead of time for my bad video so sorry....Next time I wlll show more

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