Saturday, February 26, 2011

Very First Knitted Sweater.

Lovely sweater,seems easy....

I choose this yarn from Cascade and really love it!

Additional color and detail added with a yarn called musique has arrived

Book by Suzan Mischer, lots of other wonderful projects, as well. Still available on Amazon.
So, my very first knitted sweater.  The year has made me braver in my knitting adventures and has led to this, who would have thought.  A real knitted sweater to be completed shortly, if all goes as planned. A work of perfection it is not,but onward and upward I shall travel.  Any mistakes will become very interesting "planned" embroidery, let us say.  Design is always at it"s finest when unintended.  Why is it when we plan the details they simply go unnoticed?  Just when you think it will not work ,you come up with some ingenius idea and lo and behold a masterpiece arises.  Life is funny that way,but if it works...........

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