Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day one and counting.......

Well today is the day I connect my creative world to the rest of the universe.  Oh how I cannot wait to share my ideas and have some fun too.  I have decided that this year the project pile will become smaller with the passing of each day, week and month.  Can it be done????? I have faith that  YES in fact it can be done and the day has come to delve into those long forgotten quilt tops,cloth dolls,beautifully colored skeins of yarn awaiting  a project and so much paint yet to cover a wall and beads that were so fascinating they needed to jump in a bag and go home with me.  So here it goes the year of projects new and old, large and small,wonderful,colorful and those  yet to be discovered.  Okay so here is my first circular knitting project and alot of mistakes along the way,soooo they become new design techniques. The final results are always interesting and actually sometimes better than my original concept. Pictures to follow with the completed project so I can keep warm for the rest of this cold winter weather.    See you soon with more projects and maybe some new ideas and projects you might want to try too. 

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