Thursday, May 12, 2011

Beauty Surrounds

A soft pink beauty with a touch of soft plummy pink

The bluest blue hue what beauty haaaaa.....

Entre Vous

How the light plays on the texture of the stonework

Serene and quiet reflection

Cabbage at it"s finest

Oh the color !

Fairy Umbrellas

A play on light and shadow

A sunny yellow pagoda
Sorry I have not been able to post of late:(   I have been busy with a major project and unable to do much of anything other than sew, and sew I did.  I recently had the opportunity to stroll through some local gardens and the flowers and plants were so very wonderful and fragrant.  If I could let you indulge in the sweet fragrance of the gardenia I surely would.I may have to do this in two post so stay tuned for part two which is the tropical flora and fauna.  So on we go ,join me for a stroll through this luscious garden wonderland ,you will not be sorry. The day was beautiful the sky a perfect azure blue and the weather warm and breezy not too hot and just perfect. It was a great path to follow so why don"t you come and enjoy.....

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