Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lighting The Way.....

I am coveting this tree at the moment :)

Vintage ornaments aglow with lights.

Moving lights or is it??

Retro Magic

Magical  Moments Vintage Style
I simply adore the beautiful lights all around us during the holiday season.  There is something so amazing and magical about the way they look especially as the evening darkness settles in.  Just something I wanted to share with all of you during these times called the HOLIDAYS!   Have a wonderful season whatever you may celebrate this season and enjoy the sparkle. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Magically Romantic

This beautiful tree caught my eye and then......

Then a smile started to form, as I saw this wonderfully romantic proposal to ,a very lucky girl!!!
I have been gone for too very long and I am making my come back, I guess I would say.  I have been way too busy and working on alot of things for the future.  This new year is the start of some really wonderful endeavors and I look forward to sharing with my fans here on my blog.  Don"t give up on me quite yet.  I have alot of things to post and of course still finishing projects as always.  Just wanted to share this creative proposal I spotted this season that made me smile.  Of course I was anxiously waiting for the response, as I am sure many that saw this light display were.....A true romantic for sure:)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Road to Wonderful

The road that I started my trip on and on from there.  The road to wonderful.  What can I say??

Lots of horses along the Maryland Landscape.

Lots of old barns and horse farms love it!

An old cemetary out in the middle of nowhere

This is for you Sarah maybe this can be yours someday LOL.....

A glimpse of rushing waterfalls and this is just the beginning.  Stay tuned for more.....
Okay I know it has been quite some time since we have spoken.  If it is any consolation I have been doing alot .  I was on a mini vacation and had quite an adventure in the time I was there.  Actually experienced an earthquake in Pennsylvania on Tuesday and then hurricane Irene on Saturday in Maryland.  Who knew you could have that much excitement all in one week with out going too far.  I have so much to share with everyone over the next few weeks and yes I have had much going on.  Really ,not a bad thing just busy.  Hey ,life is too short to wait around.  I say go for it!  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for some time in every place I have been,well except for the hurricane ,but it did produce one of the most gorgeous days around the next morning.  Hard to believe ,but it was quite nice just a bit on the windy side is all. I want to start with a bit of vaca pics.  I think you will like these and yes, it was relaxing.  Went to visit and college friend and enjoyed every minute.  Relaxed and did alot of knitting,eating and drank alot of good Turning Leaf pinot noir.  Did I say RELAXED???   Perfectly wonderful  days spending time with friends and welcomed into the family as if I had always been there.  Thanks guys:) 

PS I have alot things,projects recipes, ideas etc.. coming this way.  I have been inspired and there is nothing that can stop me from moving forward so here goes nothing.................Stay tuned for something wondeful.....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vintage Cars

The car with the view inside and out

That"s All She Wrote Folks.........
I went to a party recently had the pleasure of arriving to the grand event in a 58' Oldsmobile in my favorite color red and white.  Soooo much fun and those open windows you could actually see out of.  The roof is high so even a tall person can move around in an easy fashion.  My favorite truck was an cute old truck perfectly decked out in a perfect shade of deep aqua and even had an old style 7UP cooler in the back for a spur of the moment picnic if you must LOL.  What kind of car would you drive if you could go back to any era??????   I think for me the aqua truck with a canoe and a picnic basket and a great bottle of wine.HMMM....perhaps a bottle of Carmenere from Emilano Winery Love it!!!!  Have fun.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wine List

Riedel Wine Series Viognier/Chardonnay Glasses, Set of 4Cool Drinks for Hot Days: Thirst Quenching Coolers, Juices, Cocktails, Slushies, & ShakesNew Hamilton Beach Icy Treats Ice Shaver Removable Mixing Bowl Catches Shaved Ice Easy AccessFrappe Vino Frozen Wine Drink Mix Bright, 12-Ounce Packages (Pack of 3)Frappe Vino Frozen Wine Drink Mix Classic, 12-Ounce Packages (Pack of 3)
Fawn Creek Winery .com Don"t you just want to drink in all that jewel like frozen delight LOL

The wine list.  My favorites checked off.  What are your favorite wines???
Only a few people when we arrive after we left the place was full.  I guess we all thought it was a great way to spend a summer afteroon

Tropical hummingbird homes
PS these were all good and such pretty colors to delight the eye .as well as the palette.

Yes, as good as it looks a must try!!!
Okay so I"m back ,but not for long.  I have been running all summer.  I am not complaining because as I mentioned prior   "It"s All Good" .  Yesterday I along with a good friend discovered a little winery off the beaten path.  Fawn Creek is a small winery run by a few family members.  They are very welcoming and friendly and the setting is quite relaxing.  We also tried a few great wines my favorite being the Cabernet Sauvignon a lovely  red wine.  I saw they also have a wine I really wanted to try,but alas they were out.  They will release 800 bottles Aug 6 so I await the this sweet nectar.  The wine in question is a fruity viognier called Summer Sun sounds very refreshing and crisp.  Viognier is a good crisp and fruity wine that goes quite well with chicken ,fish etc.  If you have never tried this for sure check it out and give it a whirl.  The setting for this place is very woodsy surrounded by pines and other large trees.  They also have a back deck lined with orange red tropical beauties (hibiscus)  so nice as it attracts hummingbirds which were also coming by for a visit now and then.  The highlight here is the wine slushies which were a delicious frozen delight.  Served up in a wine glass frozen to white frosty loveliness to offset the jewel tone color of the sangria slushy,and to top it all off a cute blue and green paper parasols with three frozen grapes.  A simply beautiful way to enjoy a hot and sunny summer day.  Cool and refreshing.  By the way they come in really fun flavors and beautiful colors that would be perfect for a summer party day or night.   Wish all of you could have come along for the ride,but make sure to stop if you are ever in the area.  Tomorrow on to the National  Crane Foundation another place I would really recommend if you have never seen these amazing birds.  They have a collection of rare and unusual cranes from all over the world.  I will have pics of that so stay tuned.  I will really be doing more tutorials although it may be as summer winds down as I am having way too much fun plus it is too gorgeous to stay in the house for any reason including cleaning.   

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cake and Berries

I somehow felt the urge to make this coconut cake with cream cheese topping and spread thickwith black cap berry filling freshly made

After picking these form my backyard I was inspired to bake a cake and so on and so forth...

Hey, the berries looked so good I made a thick spread for the center and a few to top it off for the grande finale.  Voila!

A gorgeous bouquet of summer flowers.  I did not do this ,but thought it was a very clever combination of lovely flowers even dill.  Very creative Maureen!
Okay so I have gone missing for quite some time so I must apologize.  I really miss being here although I have decided that I was going to thoroughly enjoy summer like I never have before sooooooo.....Last summer I could not do much and I made a conscience decision that I would not turn any invite down.  This can make a person never stay home ,but it has been an adventure I would not want to miss.  I promised myself I would never,ever wait around for someone to call instead I make my plans and if you do not call soon enough I will be busy.  So far so good:)   This is also the summer for extreme socializing and again I will not miss a thing.  If there is an interesting place to see or something new I have never seen.  Well, off I go without too much thought only to know something new will present itself at any time now.  I have decide to try to open myself up for whatever comes in my path and see where it leads.  Life is funny that way.  When you put yourself out there you really never know what is around the corner.  Yes, I am still working on many projects although I have been knitting alot and I have already started on gifts for later down the line if I should need it and loving every minute.  I even made a coconut cake with some black cap raspberry sauce it was delicious and fun to concoct as well. I used three different recipes and came up with a tasty cake in the end.  My initial recipe came from Nancy Bagett's " The All American Dessert Book" there  is some amazing recipes in here and I want to try them all.  Check it out!!  We will talk soon and maybe I can get down to the business at hand.  By the way, I have decide to set up a booth next weekend at our local craft fair and see what happens.  It may just surprise even me.  We"ll see...For now I am off to gather items in preparation for the upcoming show.  See you all there.   

Thursday, June 30, 2011

History Alive and Well

This young lass had a hand in the word dairy associated with our state.

An English shoemaker who met his death trying to rescue his hat

A lovely bronze amongst the granite

This gentleman was a slave who's journey brought  him here through the underground railway all the way from Kentucky

This unusual tombstone represented those who were cut down at their prime

A union soldier who was lucky enough to return home one last time

Alot of history and time

A moment of thought for one of the ringling brothers of circus fame.

Cemetary architecture

A  young swiss immigrant who met her end in a train accident in Chicago
 I had the privilege of attending a delightful event put on by our local  historical society.  A bit of history coming to life before my eyes. The town I live in has a lot of history and colorful characters to say the least and that is why I love it so:)  We have so much nature,history,and interesting architecture and very unique things to do.  A town where the people who live here supports every event with a thriving downtown.  Home to the Ringling and Gollmar circus,a land of glacier magic and beautiful natural phenomena you will see nowhere else and of course home to the most exotic cranes you will ever see.  Well, back to the day at hand.  The day was perfect ,skys blue and clear just the right amount of breeze and temperature just right.  Enter the very ancient cemetery containing beautiful art on the headstones along with a lot of life history from a colorful past.  Everyone here has a story to tell and tell it they will.  So here is a tour through just a few of the lives of characters that have made their mark forever....