Thursday, June 30, 2011

History Alive and Well

This young lass had a hand in the word dairy associated with our state.

An English shoemaker who met his death trying to rescue his hat

A lovely bronze amongst the granite

This gentleman was a slave who's journey brought  him here through the underground railway all the way from Kentucky

This unusual tombstone represented those who were cut down at their prime

A union soldier who was lucky enough to return home one last time

Alot of history and time

A moment of thought for one of the ringling brothers of circus fame.

Cemetary architecture

A  young swiss immigrant who met her end in a train accident in Chicago
 I had the privilege of attending a delightful event put on by our local  historical society.  A bit of history coming to life before my eyes. The town I live in has a lot of history and colorful characters to say the least and that is why I love it so:)  We have so much nature,history,and interesting architecture and very unique things to do.  A town where the people who live here supports every event with a thriving downtown.  Home to the Ringling and Gollmar circus,a land of glacier magic and beautiful natural phenomena you will see nowhere else and of course home to the most exotic cranes you will ever see.  Well, back to the day at hand.  The day was perfect ,skys blue and clear just the right amount of breeze and temperature just right.  Enter the very ancient cemetery containing beautiful art on the headstones along with a lot of life history from a colorful past.  Everyone here has a story to tell and tell it they will.  So here is a tour through just a few of the lives of characters that have made their mark forever.... 

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