Monday, April 25, 2011

Wrapsody of Color

Kaffe Fassett fabric inspiration

Recipe for color and fibers

Luxury and color what more can a girl want...

Mix in some sparkle and lets get started

I just kept going and already halfway there,liking the colors...
Spring is thinking really hard it just might stay for awhile so with that said, I start on yet another colorful path.  I was inspired   this week by a project I saw in my favorite knitting group, and dare I say, I really couldn"t help myself.  So off I went to collect some brand new yarn that I just had to have to start this spring wrap.  This is just right up my alley as I can just have fun with color and run with that ,my kind of wrap.  Should I make a wrong turn somewhere along the way, no matter.  I have this very graphic floral fabric with some fantastic colors that got me to thinking hmmmm.... I must have a wrap to go with this fabric, soon  to become a crisp cotton skirt donned with a simple white cotton tee,simple yet pretty.  The fabric is by Kaffe Fassett one of my favorite fabric designers his colors are so unusual ,but they just work for me.  Did I say just one,oh yeah because that is always the way it starts ,right?   Not to worry I have many favorites we can talk about that at another time.  I picked out some yarns and then I looked at the fabric and thought wow!  Most of these yarn colors are similar so I just kept on going.  Needless to say I just kept moving forward and picked some fun and colorful yarns that consist of many different fibers, silk,lurex,rayon,cotton and so on...A little luxury, every girl needs a little and so a wrap was created.  By the way I am using an Amy Butler pattern for the skirt and when I find the pattern I will share that with all of you.  I have wanted to make this since last summer, but was sort of led astray and so it goes.  Love, love , love the colors together and the Crystal Palace yarn called Deco Stardust is very spark ly and just adds so much.   I used several nice yarns such as Debbie Bliss, Louisa Harding and so on.  Gorgeous when the sun reflects the soft  and sparkles just right.  Enough  now for the pictures.  They always speak much louder than words.  Wouldn"t you agree? 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Zoo Day

I believe a manicure is in order here LOL :)


Nothing a good hairdresser can"t take care of, right?

The neighborhood llama

WHOOOOOOOOOOOO me sleeping??????

Monday, April 11, 2011

Painting It Red Etc......

My favorite,  Sublime( Deb Bliss) a bit a cashmere and lovely to work with

Love the play of texture and color all in one scarf

Up close and personal all the details

Drama Queen

And so the final end results......Lovin it:)
Just showed a colorful array of yarns and textures to apply to a new scarf I have just finished it.  Yes, that"s right, DONE,COMPLETE, READY TO WEAR SOON!   I have a vintage style duster from J. Jill my all time favorite store okay so one of them, along with Anthropology and well a few dozen others.  Anyhow, vintage, have always loved the look and that is how my scarf began just a few weeks prior my jacket need a fashion accessory. I used the book I just posted the other day and showed the scarf design I chose.  Notice how different it looks by just changing up colors.  I am very pleased with the results just needs the finishing touch of a gorgeous button.  Wouldn"t you say?  Today as we speak I now have a brand new lovely scarf to go with my jacket. I simply love red .so I chose some color combos I though I might ,like and here is the rest of the story.......

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Was I Thinking????

Storey Publishing: 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders
Cascade Painted Sock Yarn for socks what else....

Funky socks to come soon, I hope LOL




A sneak peek at something new.  Part of  a revamp.  Stay tuned for more.....
Okay I am suppose to be  getting projects done.   RIGHT???  Well, that was the idea anyhow.  Somehow it has gotten out of hand once again.  Now you know why I am so behind by hundreds perhaps thousands who is to know, LOL.  I found that a yarn shop opened just recently  in a great antique store near by. Well, really a knitting corner inside the shop.  It is really very quaint and fun, so I was drawn in.  When I came out I had new double pointed needles,colorful hand dyed yarn and a pattern for, you guessed it ,another project.  I was thinking to myself, don"t you have some things you need to finish first?  Apparently that was not to stop me as I heard myself saying, I will see you for class @ 6 pm and off I went to my other knitting group.   Addiction at it"s finest .  I found time to hurry home that evening make some quick dinner after a day of  comedy and knitting.  I actually did get my scarf I have been knitting done, so hey ,I am pretty proud on that note.  I got to the class for none other than making socks.  Just wanted a challenge, and yes I believe I have out done myself here.  The place was very cozy, lots of antique and vintage chairs and a lovely round wooden table with chairs.  I found myself surrounded by every kind of fiber you can imagine  in an assortment of colors from soft to brights and beyond.  Eye candy for sure,  my mind was already whirling with new thoughts on what my next projects will bring.  I know, I really need to stop this crazy thinking.  I looked around at the smooth bamboo needles in sparkling aqua blue mason jars and big hand carved wooden bowl of vintage buttons and the softest heather pink wool that catches my eye. Back to my task at hand, my sock or what was the beginnings of something sock like.  I swear I have gone more backwards on this than forward. Don"t ever give up I say and on I go....  I will get some pictures on the new knitting spot when I can you will love it too! Easy to pretend you are here with pictures I think. On to the pictures so here goes.......

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sculpture By Mother Nature

They call this elephant rock

Just a few pics of some fantastic ice sculptures via mother nature.  After all she is one of the best sculptresses I know.  How can these possibly be replicated by man??????????   Now that spring is trying to make yet another appearance.  I imagine the first tries were not so successful thus far.  I thought you all might enjoy some things I captured over the past weeks.  Since the snow melted and then became frozen once again it made for some great ice formations.  Just a few for your viewing enjoyment.....