Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fabric and Creative Ramblings

A spectacular sunset painted with the heart and soul of a great artist

A few of my projects of late
A great knit fabric from Westminster Fabrics
January has been a stellar month as far as the wintry scenery goes.  NO SNOW! !!   So far so good for me anyway,I love the look of snow as it first appears,but as it goes on ,not so much.  I believe for me this means spring is that much closer to making it"s way here.  already thinking about my garden and what to plant,but for now I have other things I need to focus on.  I have been doing some design work and I am currently surrounded by beads,baubles,fabrics of burlap and velvet etc..Don"t get me wrong it is a good thing,although it is a part of the creative process I must happily endure LOL.  I have mostly decided that this year will be one to focus once again on establishing some sort of order amongst my many years of collections fabric,paints,beads,paper,vintage items of every type and kind.  How to do this I ask myself????Very carefully I need to delve in and simply work with one room at a time. 
Sound familiar??? This is a ploy I must use as not to confuse the situation at hand too much,I know myself too well I imagine.  Once you cross the line into another room,perhaps to put something in it"s place I am doomed to fail for the day.  Why you ask???  My mind has a tendency to wander to the next vintage photo album,drawings from college,incomplete projects etc...I think you know the deal,then it is all over for the organization project for that day. LOL.  I like everyone else in this world have a project on my hands every day if not ,well life would be sort of boring
I been taking a class on upholstery my first project complete:)

And onto the next project with more to come!!!

Just for a few things I have coming my way.....Finally finished  my Louisa Harding fingerless mitts!!!  I made two pairs ,because somehow as I went to make the second mitt I inadvertently picked up the same wool in a slightly different shade ,let"s say and ,well I just simply had to make one to match that one and so on...Needless to say some lucky person will be receiving that extra pair..I am now an expert on making these ,as I was not so much that when I started this project.  I also have finished many a knitting project including a Louisa Harding cardi sort of a 40's style in Cascade 220 heather wool.  I really have to say I do love her designs this one was from "Knitting in The Details".  I am having some trouble uploading pics form my camera,but I will post some pics on these when I can.  In the mean time I must get myself in the creative mode and start designing some new things I am currently working.   Hope everyone is having a great January and a new year to renew the mind and the soul,creatively speaking.......

I spotted these in a window in our greater downtown area ,so talented.
Another talented craftsman check out their blog, histories Tracy and Lee Anderson.Yes, there is more too,alot fun stuff!!! They will be at Junk Market Underglass soon. 
These are made if manila folders I believe and are so whimsical.

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