Monday, March 21, 2011

Scallop Edged Curtain w/ Bias Trim Tutorial

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Scalloped Edge Bias Curtain Tutorial

Cut a strip  double the finished size. 

This one is cut 2 inches then pressed in half

Press in half , raw edges together

Pin raw edge of bias to wrong side of scallop edge

Stitch 1/4 " along edge of bias.  I use a foot that has a lip on the right side so I always have a perfect edge.
Hint: Use a longer stitch length so you do not stretch the edge as you sew.  I use a 3.0 SL.  Change foot pressure to a lower number this places less pressure on the fabric to reduce any stretching.

First press seam flat ,then fold bias towards front edge of fabric

Press flat and pin making sure you only see the bias on the front edge of your fabric

Looking good and ready to sew again!
Make sure pins are in  place and everything is pressed properly before proceeding
You will be able to see a bit of color on the back side of your fabric

I use an Edge Stitch foot so I can follow very close to the edge. I move my needle over so I am about 1/8" from edge of the folded edge on the left side.

Sew along the edge and use a 3.0 SL and go slowly, always take pins out before getting to them.  It is  helpful to stop with your needle in the down position as you stop to take pins out to pick up where you left off.

Looks like this when done, this is your finished side at front.

Lo and behold this is the finished scallop edge,beautiful is it not?

So the finale, and now you can start redecorating every room right?   Have fun and go make some great new curtains......

I have finally gotten to putting together this tutorial with step by step pics to add a professional bias edge to a scallop edge curtain.  I am in the midst of making these curtains for my mom and sisters cafe.  I picked a fab fall look fabric from Ralph Lauren purchased @ JoAnn's  Fabrics the colors are really rich.  Kind of wish I would have bought some for my house ,as well.  I have a room totally dedicated to fall as it is my absolutely favorite season hands down soooo why not enjoy it year round I thought to myself.  Okay, back to the task at hand.  I picked a color from the fabric to use as my bias edge.  I made the scallop using a pattern I designed myself, but I do recommend using a scallop ruler to make it easier on yourself they come in different sizes.  To begin I finished the edges on my cut curtains with my serger with a three thread wide overlock stitch.  I do like how it finishes the edges for a clean professional look.  I pressed all edges for future stitching purposes.  So here it goes lets begin the steps you will need to get a great finish on any curtain edge.  I must say it gives it a nice finished edge and adds some color at the same time.  If you want a fun look for curtains might I say I really love Amy Butler's line of fabrics, they are so fun and bright and the large scale is perfect for curtains like this.  I love the finished look and hope you will too.  Now it"s time for you to follow along and make your own.  Hope this will help you delve in and go for it.  Remember it"s  not as hard as it first seems.  You can do it! 

Once done sewing , press from front edge and make sure edge is smooth and flat

Ode To Spring

Remnants of  dinner , squirrel style

Squirrel Yoga

Of better things to come....

Grand Dahlia Lama
The mc of spring has   arrived and now the show begins......
Finally signs of spring that maybe could bring it on a little faster perhaps.  Seeing a bit of life popping up around us is a good thing.  Could it be that my garden is ready to be colored and cared for once again????   I sure hope so as there are so many projects yet to be tackled.  What are your projects you have been dreaming about during the long winter months?  I am dreaming of tall spiky hollyhocks along the gray wooden fence and trailing vines of morning glories opening to face the sunny mornings and sitting on my porch drinking a steaming cup of cafe au lait and listening to the sound of birds and bugs in chorus....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little ditty from my sewing studio

Loved this cute pincushion hand stitched and hand dyed

Just fun and almost done, so close....
 Well this is a project that I have been so close to getting completed.  So finally I must succumb and get it done.  This lovely little wool pin cushion was a kit I purchased, and as soon as I find the info I will let you know who from.  Easy to do and beautifully hand dyed wools and buttons etc..for embellishing.  When I stuff pin cushions I always love to add dried lavender for a special touch and it makes the whole sewing experience that much more pleasant.  How can you go wrong with that!  My final thing which always does me in is just closing the small opening and voila a completed project once again.  Okay, so now I am close to approaching number two and three complete projects.  How great is that,remember my first knitted sweater. Almost done now, just completing the other front piece and can go from there. I know still not back with my quilt,but that will come.  Patience my friends, patience.  Just a matter of time now.  Remember just keep moving forward from here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Week In Pictures

Elegance  amongst the pine boughs
Devil's Lake, a jewel of a state park
Velvet white blankets, as morning awakens
A scarlet bird adds a little color to a palette of  snowy white

A river lies silent

Loved this, such a picture of country life as it used to be
Today I found out that this factory was built by Frank Lloyd Wright, just one of the few
What a wonderful piece of architecture left to grow old and neglected
A window glows giving this building life again ,for but a moment
Dreaming of a place for this fine lady in my garden
I have not been writing as I should, so today I thought I would share my past few weeks with you in photographs.  I love to take pictures as I travel and always find something that catches my fancy.  Spring decided to play tricks with us this week and snow appeared once again.  The morning was white and spectacular.  I have a bit of everything for everyone including some great architecture. Have a great trip....