Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring So very Close

Today is a wonderful sunny day.  I can really feel that spring is working it"s way to us very soon.  I have decided to turn off the heat and open the windows for a blast of fresh air.  AHHHH.. it is feeling good the sun warm and a breeze blowing lacey curtains.  So this is the kind of day that is so motivating and can get me moving in the right direction.  Today I made some  so good treats, a savory portabello pate,walnut fudge, and an interesting pizza which consists of a slather of white fig jam,sweet grilled onions in balsamic and a bit of gorgonzola to add some salty tang.  Going to a Valentines Tea and will present all of these lovely dishes to the guests.  Wish you could join me as it will be a fun day. 

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