Monday, April 11, 2011

Painting It Red Etc......

My favorite,  Sublime( Deb Bliss) a bit a cashmere and lovely to work with

Love the play of texture and color all in one scarf

Up close and personal all the details

Drama Queen

And so the final end results......Lovin it:)
Just showed a colorful array of yarns and textures to apply to a new scarf I have just finished it.  Yes, that"s right, DONE,COMPLETE, READY TO WEAR SOON!   I have a vintage style duster from J. Jill my all time favorite store okay so one of them, along with Anthropology and well a few dozen others.  Anyhow, vintage, have always loved the look and that is how my scarf began just a few weeks prior my jacket need a fashion accessory. I used the book I just posted the other day and showed the scarf design I chose.  Notice how different it looks by just changing up colors.  I am very pleased with the results just needs the finishing touch of a gorgeous button.  Wouldn"t you say?  Today as we speak I now have a brand new lovely scarf to go with my jacket. I simply love red .so I chose some color combos I though I might ,like and here is the rest of the story.......

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