Sunday, September 18, 2011

Road to Wonderful

The road that I started my trip on and on from there.  The road to wonderful.  What can I say??

Lots of horses along the Maryland Landscape.

Lots of old barns and horse farms love it!

An old cemetary out in the middle of nowhere

This is for you Sarah maybe this can be yours someday LOL.....

A glimpse of rushing waterfalls and this is just the beginning.  Stay tuned for more.....
Okay I know it has been quite some time since we have spoken.  If it is any consolation I have been doing alot .  I was on a mini vacation and had quite an adventure in the time I was there.  Actually experienced an earthquake in Pennsylvania on Tuesday and then hurricane Irene on Saturday in Maryland.  Who knew you could have that much excitement all in one week with out going too far.  I have so much to share with everyone over the next few weeks and yes I have had much going on.  Really ,not a bad thing just busy.  Hey ,life is too short to wait around.  I say go for it!  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for some time in every place I have been,well except for the hurricane ,but it did produce one of the most gorgeous days around the next morning.  Hard to believe ,but it was quite nice just a bit on the windy side is all. I want to start with a bit of vaca pics.  I think you will like these and yes, it was relaxing.  Went to visit and college friend and enjoyed every minute.  Relaxed and did alot of knitting,eating and drank alot of good Turning Leaf pinot noir.  Did I say RELAXED???   Perfectly wonderful  days spending time with friends and welcomed into the family as if I had always been there.  Thanks guys:) 

PS I have alot things,projects recipes, ideas etc.. coming this way.  I have been inspired and there is nothing that can stop me from moving forward so here goes nothing.................Stay tuned for something wondeful.....

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