Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cake and Berries

I somehow felt the urge to make this coconut cake with cream cheese topping and spread thickwith black cap berry filling freshly made

After picking these form my backyard I was inspired to bake a cake and so on and so forth...

Hey, the berries looked so good I made a thick spread for the center and a few to top it off for the grande finale.  Voila!

A gorgeous bouquet of summer flowers.  I did not do this ,but thought it was a very clever combination of lovely flowers even dill.  Very creative Maureen!
Okay so I have gone missing for quite some time so I must apologize.  I really miss being here although I have decided that I was going to thoroughly enjoy summer like I never have before sooooooo.....Last summer I could not do much and I made a conscience decision that I would not turn any invite down.  This can make a person never stay home ,but it has been an adventure I would not want to miss.  I promised myself I would never,ever wait around for someone to call instead I make my plans and if you do not call soon enough I will be busy.  So far so good:)   This is also the summer for extreme socializing and again I will not miss a thing.  If there is an interesting place to see or something new I have never seen.  Well, off I go without too much thought only to know something new will present itself at any time now.  I have decide to try to open myself up for whatever comes in my path and see where it leads.  Life is funny that way.  When you put yourself out there you really never know what is around the corner.  Yes, I am still working on many projects although I have been knitting alot and I have already started on gifts for later down the line if I should need it and loving every minute.  I even made a coconut cake with some black cap raspberry sauce it was delicious and fun to concoct as well. I used three different recipes and came up with a tasty cake in the end.  My initial recipe came from Nancy Bagett's " The All American Dessert Book" there  is some amazing recipes in here and I want to try them all.  Check it out!!  We will talk soon and maybe I can get down to the business at hand.  By the way, I have decide to set up a booth next weekend at our local craft fair and see what happens.  It may just surprise even me.  We"ll see...For now I am off to gather items in preparation for the upcoming show.  See you all there.   

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