Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fireflies and summer travels

This guy is hard to capture on film ,I could not resist the pic so here it is

I saw mom and babe as I drove by had to stop

They are so cute don"t you think

Getting braver by the minute

Across the way  a bird of some kind enjoying the view
Summer is here when the sandhill cranes arrive for the season
Yes, how about a bit of color here my first peony now alas gone until next season

Just a wonderful old barn with great patina.

Here is more of that great old barn love the old red color and the steeples on the top

I really would love this in my new studio it captures the spirit I would like
Okay so I "ve been quite busy and have failed to post anything of late.  I am working on many things at the present time,but know that I will post my tutorials soon.  Just finishing a few projects so I can get moving on everything else I need to do.  Oh,summer time it makes you want to be outside as much as possible enjoy my garden and just currently loving the fab weather we are having.  Can it be we have a real summer on our hands????  I  am really working hard on making my much neglected backyard a place I might want to spend a bit of time.  Last night I was witness to true summer delight the lightening bugs:)   There were so many that it appeared as if Christmas time was upon us with a  fab display of twinkling white lights.  Thought you might like to see a few things I have seen along my travels of late.  Actually I am trying to buy some time here,but I am sure all of you know what that is like so I need not go on.....I am also currently designing a studio to work in and need ideas although I know what I like.  I do want to make it fun and useful at the same time and have a place I can create and dream up new designs and projects as I go.  Can"t wait!!!!  See you soon and yes I will have something to show for it all.  In the mean time thank you all for your patience it is much appreciated.

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