Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old Souls Alive and Well

Monsieur Julliard grandfather to Ringling and Gollmar children of circus fame
Artistry among the stones
Lady in Blue

An English Shoemaker

A young lass who helped this state become famous for dairy

A lovely bronze relief sculpture

A lively young Swiss that died young in a tragic train accident in Chicago

This New Jersey native came here to build those rare covered bridges so long ago

Lady in white ,a doctor's wife that  was surprised by a bear on a cold winters night

A Ringling brother in repose thinking about his circus past

A solitary Union soldier who made it home to rest peacefully

A former slave who came with the underground railroad via Kentucky for a new life.

Up close bronze relief

Floral chapeau butter queen involved with the local creamery here that still stands today
I have the privilege of living in a town with an interesting and colorful past.  Which is why I love it.  So much to see and experience on a daily basis.  Never a dull moment that's for sure. LOL   I live in a place that has a famous theatre a world renowned circus  rare cranes,old trains,rookeries and other wildlife areas tranquil lakes and nature trails galore and of course a very cute and active downtown.  What I really love is the events that happen here.  Really more people should make a circle on their calendar for next year to make a stop along their summer or winter travels. Seriously ,you are missing so much if you don"t  check out what we have to offer in this small corner of the world.  I think I learn something new every day and then some.  Yesterday I attended an event that was so wonderful I must share it.  The local historical society has put together an event that has brought our old cemetery to life.  A great time to share with old and young alike.  All in all I really learned alot about this little old town and have a even greater appreciation for the struggles of all the people who have come before us and the mark they made on our future.  I say thank you,thank you and letting us believe that anything is possible. 

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