Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little ditty from my sewing studio

Loved this cute pincushion hand stitched and hand dyed

Just fun and almost done, so close....
 Well this is a project that I have been so close to getting completed.  So finally I must succumb and get it done.  This lovely little wool pin cushion was a kit I purchased, and as soon as I find the info I will let you know who from.  Easy to do and beautifully hand dyed wools and buttons etc..for embellishing.  When I stuff pin cushions I always love to add dried lavender for a special touch and it makes the whole sewing experience that much more pleasant.  How can you go wrong with that!  My final thing which always does me in is just closing the small opening and voila a completed project once again.  Okay, so now I am close to approaching number two and three complete projects.  How great is that,remember my first knitted sweater. Almost done now, just completing the other front piece and can go from there. I know still not back with my quilt,but that will come.  Patience my friends, patience.  Just a matter of time now.  Remember just keep moving forward from here.

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